This afternoon

This afternoon/evening I actually got stuff done! This was in no little part assisted by the fact that I was able to leave work by 3pm rather than my usual 5-6pm. But still, what a great feeling to know that I have managed to:

  • go to the supermarket
  • do a yoga class
  • go fruit and veggie shopping
  • cook a delicious meal (lamb cutlets, polenta mash, grilled mushrooms and sugar snap peas)
  • study (hello vascular function curves!)
  • bake brownies
  • bring the washing in
  • do a new load of washing
  • clean my oven’s grill
  • shower
  • prepare my lunch and breakfast to take to work tomorrow

Of course, sometimes the things that you *don’t* do are just as telling as the things that you do. Here’s what I have managed to NOT do tonight:

  • talk myself out of going to yoga because I was tired, only got 3 hours sleep and a hundred other excuses I thought of right up until 5 minutes before I walked in the door
  • eat leftover takeaway pizza for a second meal in a row
  • wash down my delicious dinner with some wine (I need to detox after Saturday night)
  • open up the chocolate bar I bought this afternoon straight after dinner, instead of baking later on
  • eat ridiculous amounts of my brownie batter/freshly baked brownies
  • waste inordinate amounts of time on the internet
  • watch endless episodes of Big Bang Theory

Nothing earth-shattering there, and by no means a perfect evening. There’s phone calls I should have returned, and plenty of emails I should have sent. I should have washed my car, cleaned the kitchen floor and there’s always more study I should have done. But you know what, I did a whole lot more than nothing, so I’m happy with that. I needed some downtime.

Oh and clearly brownies also!!!