Last meal

So it seems that what it takes to prompt me to recommence this blog is a 4 hour layover in Dubai airport. I’ve caught up on emails, caught up on Facebook and checked in with family and friends so that they know I’m alive.

Despite sleeping 10 of the 14 hours of the past flight leg, I still don’t feel like I’ve caught up on sleep, but that’s what doing a night shift and not sleeping for 30 hours straight will do to you.

Now I’ve parked myself at a coffeeshop in Dubai airport. I’ve drunk their coffee, used their wifi and eaten their fruit salad. ¬†For the last month I’ve been trying to follow the I Quit Sugar Program (although I have to admit I’ve fallen off the bandwagon in the last week). That makes the cappuchino and fruit salad I had *very* indulgent. I figure that heading to Kenya I’m going to be very unlikely to be eating fresh fruit or many processed foods in the next month, so I wanted to take advantage of available fruit while I can.

"Last meal"

Still much less indulgent that visiting Haagen Daaz and parking myself there isn’t it? Although I do still have 3 hours to kill, so let’s not congratulate myself too soon!

And now, please stay tuned for updates from Africa. Hopefully all good ones!