Things I’m loving today

In no particular order….


1) Fresh tulips. You know what? This may be the first time I have *ever* bought myself fresh flowers. I’m already addicted!

Vision board

2) The vision board I created today. Two of my friends and I spent the afternoon cutting eating pancakes, cutting pics from mags, chatting and drinking champagne. What more can you ask for in a day! More on the process soon!


3) Scented candles. No explanation needed!

Chocolate cake

4) Chocolate cake. Made this recipe for the first time yesterday. Super moist, and super easy to make. Yum!

New toaster

5) New toaster. My own old one broke, but luckily its still under warranty so I swapped it for a replacement today. Am very much looking forward to not having to use the grill every time I want toast (which is often!)

6) Takeaway Indian malaki kofta with extra chilli for dinner. No picture as I gobbled this down way too fast

That’s a lot to like in one day. Love Sundays like this!!