One of the hardest things I’ve had to do lately is get my dog desexed. I had no doubts it needed to be done, but I think I’d been putting this off for the last few months simply because I didn’t want to think about it. Possibly the same reason why I *still* haven’t done my tax…sigh!

Not without some apprehension, I finally got around to making the appointment.  Let’s face it, for female dogs this is a big operation. It’s not just a nip and tuck, its a full hysterectomy, ovaries and all.

I’d made the appointment for a day where I was able to drop her off at the vet by 8am, and then pick her up by 5pm – basically a day off. She was fine as I dropped her off, but I had to stop myself from shedding a tear or two. Luckily I had to go into work for a few hours that afternoon, so it took my mind off things. When I called up at 3pm they said the operation went fine, she was still recovering from the anaesthetic but would be ready by 5pm.

When I got there I could hear her crying out the back. Hearing a dog cry (when it’s not just because they want attention or to be let out) is a heartbreaking thing.

She was doped up but still in pain most of last night. Every time she tried to lie down she let out a bit of a yelp, so sat up most of the night and was definitely not her normal little tail-wagging self.

This morning the tail is wagging, but she’s still letting out the odd little yelp. She’s also started trying to lick her wound, which had me concerned. The vet had given me an Elizabethan collar to put on if she did that, but it wasn’t working too well. She couldn’t walk properly, kept banging into the side of furniture and just looked unhappy. I couldn’t imagine living with that on for 10 days.

Indy desexed Indy desexed

To try and protect her tummy I’ve devised a little jacket made out of one of my old singlets. So far she doesn’t seem to mind it too much, and it seems to have stopped the licking.

Indy desexed
Indy desexed

Dare I say it also looks kinda cute? Does that mean I’m going to become one of those people that dress their dog up in a jacket in winter? Stay tuned!