Taking my own advice

I want to blog, honestly I do. I really enjoy the process of thinking of a post, developing it in my head, and then sitting in front of the computer, creating sentences and paragraphs that please me. Then pressing “Publish” and seeing it formatted, preferably with a picture, so that it looks whole, complete and not just random scribblings in a journal.

So why haven’t I done a damn post since July 1?

Sure I’ve been busy. I’ve got a crazy work roster at the moment, and its the season to be applying for jobs for next year. But so what? Those are all excuses. I’ve also had plenty of time to eat chocolate, watch Masterchef and read a host of websites (some more productive than others). So either I want to do it and I do it. Or I don’t. And I don’t. Not rocket science is it? So let’s make it happen!

Funnily enough that’s pretty much what my first post ever on here said. Lucky I can go back and read my own advice hey?

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