Do it


This is something I want to remind myself each and every day. Yeah it makes me want to go out and exercise, but it applies to so much more than exercise. In all aspects of life its easy to spend more time planning, procrastinating, over-thinking, avoiding and complaining about things than it is just to do the damn thing and get it over and done with.

I’m sitting here at work, day 3 of 3 straight 12 hour days. And its Easter, so to say it’s quiet here (yes I have used the dreaded q-word and thereby jinxed myself), is understatement of the century. In 12 hours yesterday, I’d estimate I did approximately 1 hour of actual work. In fairness the day before was slightly more busy, but by no stretch of the imagination could you say I’ve had a stressful weekend.

So you’d think with all this free time I’d have done some of the work reading and life admin I’ve been avoiding for the rest of the week, wouldn’t you? Would you be surprised to hear I haven’t? Neither am I.  I’ve done about 10 pages of reading, but most of it was pictures so I’d say that amounts to an hours worth, at best.

Instead I’ve managed to read the 1000+ articles backed up for me in Google Reader, I’ve spent way too much time dreaming about adopting dogs from rescue sites, and have been debating whether to finally pull the pin and order some sandals from an online store in the US, despite the fact that I won’t get to wear them for at least 6 months given the fact that winter is well and truly on its way in Melbourne.

So today is day 3 of my enforced seclusion inside my work building. I should take advantage of this and get some reading done. Perhaps I need another coffee? Perhaps I need to stop whinging and just do it.

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